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I'm so pleased with my purchases. The Elf Costume is the best we've ever had and the Mrs Clause costume is gorgeous. - Kelly, Australia
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How to buy a Santa Suit

Here's some hints to help you select the perfect Santa Suit

Buying a Santa Suit can be very intimidating. There are so many options, styles, and prices to choose from. Let H. Berry Elf (our head elf) try to take some of the mystery out of your selection and make you a more informed Santa Suit shopper.

Most quality Santa suits last for generations and are handed down. The initial price for a better quality suit may seem high but you should probably take into account the costs over many years.

Select a suit before considering accessories or wigs and beards. Many suits will come with some of what you need and the choice of accessories is often dictated by the style and type of suit you will be wearing.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a suit.

H.Berry Elf gives advice


Santa suits have a wide range in price; from well under a $100 to well over $500. The price of a Santa Suit is determined by the type of material it is constructed of, the way it is constructed, and the accessories included.

The least expensive Santa Suits are constructed of Duvetyne or fleece. These suits may not be as durable as the more expensive velvet or pile. The top-of-the-line suits made of plush pile are often the type of suit used by professionals and can last a lifetime with proper care.

In the middle price range are velveteen and corduroy suits. These are excellent choices for Santa suits where you are not wearing them day in and day out. They are durable, attractive, and will stand up to moderate wear.
Duvetyne and
polyester trim
Duvetyne Sample Rich Plush Pile and
Plush Long hair trim


The classic Santa typically has a red colored jacket and pants, trimmed with some sort of white faux fur. A black belt and metal buckle go around the middle. In addition to the classic style of Santa suit, you can choose overalls, Victorian, or old fashioned styles. There is no one style for all. Choose a style for the type of Santa you want to be.
Santa Suit
Classic Santa Styling Old Fashioned
Santa Suit
Old Fashioned Santa Styling Victorian
Santa Suit
Victorian Santa Styling Sunny
Santa Suit
Tropical Santa Styling

More expensive suits may have a zippered jacket. Some even have real buttons for a slightly different look. The less expensive suits may not have a zipper at all, but are put on as a pullover. Pullover jacket types are difficult to put on and off when you are wearing a Santa wig, beard, and hat.

Santa suit pants are typically and elastic waist or may have a draw string. In some cases you may need suspenders to ensure the pants stay up. High-end suits have a very high quality elastic in the waistband. They will stay in place no matter your shape.

The more expensive plush pile suits can be very warm to wear. Keep this in mind if you are being Santa in a warm climate or in a closed, heated space. Velveteen and velour suits are typically cooler wearing.

The jacket lining is also important for ease of putting the jacket on and off and wearing comfort. All high-end jackets are fully or at least partially lined. Almost none of the least expensive jackets are lined.

Suit pockets also vary with Santa suit style. More expensive suits often have real outside pockets, cheap suits do not. Jacket pockets can be great for holding candy canes and small items to produce on demand. Jackets with outside pockets often require that the Santa belt be attached higher on the chest. Few Santa suits have pockets in the pants.

Accessories Included

Most suits will also come with a Santa Belt. The belt is sized to fit the belt loops on the jacket. Belt and buckle quality vary with style. High end belts are often made of leather, cheaper belts are vinyl. Tip: use a safety pin or two to keep the belt properly aligned and sized. This can be especially important on low cost suits if you are being a very active Santa.

Most suits also come with boot tops. Like the belts, boot tops can be leather or vinyl and like their name implies, boot tops go over your shoes to simulate real boots. You will need to wear black colored shoes with any boot top. Be aware that the boot tops simulate real boots but do not really look as good close up. Real Santa boots are typically bought as an accessory to the suit. You will tuck your Santa pants into the boot tops.
Santa BeltSanta Belt Boot TopsSanta Boot Tops

Santa Suits are typically made in generous proportions. Selecting a Santa suit jacket closest to your jacket size will typically work for Santa's from 5 ft 2 inches to 6 ft 4 inches in height. The jacket simply rides up or down on the wearer. Similarly, Santa pants can be pulled up high on the waist or down on the leg. Santa pants only need to reach to mid-shin to mate with the Santa boot tops. The generous size leaves room inside the pants and jackets to add suit stuffers (or pillows) to provide Santa with appropriate girth.

Read the suit descriptions carefully to see what is included. Some are complete packages that include a wig, beard, hat, gloves, and glasses. Often a complete suit may save you money over buying a suit and accessories. Keep in mind how the suit will be used. Having a separate wig and beard for each wearer is recommended for sanitary reasons, so you may need to order an extra Wig and Beard set.

No matter what suit you decide to use, I recommend always dry cleaning the suit. Washing the suits can cause the red color to run into the white fur and make the suit unusable.

Remember: put a smile on your face (even behind the beard) to put a smile on the face of a young one!! Create happy memories.

H. Berry Elf

Also see How to buy a Santa Wig and How to use Santa Accessories

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