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Customer Comments
Just a quick message to say the Santa suit was delivered safely today. I am delighted with the quality and fit. Thank you very much for the great service and communications. - Graham, United Kingdom
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How to be a Professional Santa

We have collected some of the best hints and tips to help you be a professional Santa Claus. Being a Santa is serious FUN. We also share some of the Fun With Santa - a light hearted look at what Santa Claus can do.

Start with the hints and tips we provide with all our Santa Suits. Then, move to our collection of online video clips shown below.

Help with Santa Suits Need help ...
Buying a Santa Suit?
Buying a Santa wig?
Using Santa Accessories?

How to ...
    Act Like Santa Claus
    Calm Children Afraid of Santa Claus
    Laugh Like Santa Claus
    Tell Santa Claus Stories
    Pick a Santa Claus Hat
    Pick a Santa Claus Wig and Beard
    Apply Santa Claus Makeup
    Put on a Santa Claus Suit
    Put on a Santa Claus Wig and Beard
    Avoid Santa Claus Bad Breath

Let Santa show you how to ...
    Untangle Christmas Lights
    Bake Cookies for Santa
    Wrap a Christmas Present
    Pick a Christmas Tree
    Build a Toy Boat
    Skate an Ollie and Ramp
    Play Freebird on Guitar

One of our readers sent along a few of his favorite hints and comments on the "how to" videos.

I've been a professional mall Santa for ten+ years (under the name Santa Fe Santa) and just found your site. I like what I see, and expect to become a customer when I need more items.

Pat Lewis's hints for newbies were particularly good, and thanks very much for making that available. If I could make a couple of suggestions .....

Definitely memorize the names of the reindeer -- in fact, learn "The Poem" by heart if you can. (All Santas have to be good actors, anyway! You're playing a role that kids have expectations for, so play it to the hilt.) And Pat is very good!

I learned years ago to apply white make-up to my eyebrows by going from the *outer* edge to the inner one, *against* the grain of the hair. This gets the cream make-up *into* the hair, not just on top of it (visual model = the late Andy Rooney). Because I have my own natural beard, I use just a little of the same stuff on the darker spots. And I recommend using an old toothbrush to apply it.

Incidentally, if you have a *real* beard, kids hardly ever dare to yank on it, except of course for the under-one-year-olds who grab at everything. Kids know that this guy with the real whiskers really is Santa, man!

To expand on Pat's rap about shy kids: Santa is usually the *first* non-family member those really small ones have ever met. But he's not exactly a stranger, either, so the Santa Encounter is a real social watershed for them. Santa has the responsibility of making sure the little ones learn how get along with somebody who is not their uncle or grandpa. Don't be the rat who sours a kid on strangers -- that could breed an anti-social little monster and cause trouble later on for everyone! Pat's advice to enlist Mommy as an old pal ("Remember when *you* sat here on Santa's knee?\") is solid. Dad can also be a good helper.

Be sure to tell Mom, Dad and the Gramps how much Santa appreciates their help. This helps plant the seed in the kids' minds that will later become the realization that Santa is an *idea* and that they, themselves, can *become* Santas in their own right (I usually suggest this to the transitional ones who are about 9 or 10, as in "You're ready to become my special helper...")

Thanks again for offering such a complete service and selection of items. I will be back.

Oh, and have a Merry Christmas, everyone!


Santa Bill
Santa Fe

I use a pinkish rouge on my cheeks and a bright red for the nose. Pat's right: get it cheaper at the drugstore or dime store.

Thanks Santa Bill, we really appreciate hearing from the experts. If you have some hints to pass along, send them to us here. We love to hear from you.

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