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Mrs. Claus Costume Variety

Our Mrs. Claus Costumes come in a variety of choices to switch things up throughout the season. Much like Santa, Mrs. Claus likes to wear different outfits for different occasions. She may be reading to the elves, or she may be entertaining guests. Either way, we have a costume for whatever the day may bring.

This beautiful red velvet dress comes in two different sizes. There is plush white fur lining the dress. The lace lined apron comes with this purchase as well as the red velvet mob cap.

Regal red velvet costume is an everyday wear item. Not only is it comfortable, but it looks beautiful as well.

  • 12-14 Dress Size
  • 16-18 Dress Size

Our Christmas charmer dress does certainly bring a lot of charm with it. You'll find that it is a very soft red velour that has been trimmed with white lace. The white cotton apron trimmed in lace is included as well.

When Mrs. Claus is wearing this dress she is typically reading, baking cookies, or catching up on dusting the house.

  • 08-10 Dress Size
  • 12-14 Dress Size
  • 16-18 Dress Size
  • 20-24 Dress Size

​Exquisitely designed dark red velvet dress with long white hair plush trim. Included you will find the satin lace trimmed apron, as well as the lace trimmed mob style hat.

This is a favorite of Mrs. Claus. When she puts on this gown, it is typically due to guests coming over. She loves to cook and entertain in this dress. 

  • 08-10 Dress Size
  • 12-14 Dress Size
  • 16-18 Dress Size
  • 20-24 Dress Size

​Our complete Belle of the Ball gown is absolutely stunning! Featuring white fur trim and cuffs lining the rich dark re velvet dress. Matching dark red velvet capelet also with white fur trim. The gown comes with a separate hoop skirt and a fur white headpiece.

You can find Mrs. Claus at dinner parties, meeting new people, or enjoying family and friends in this crowd wowing gown.

  • 10-14 Dress Size

Additional Mrs. Claus Costume Items 

Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig
Red Velvet Perky Pixie

Here we have our Red Velvet Perky Pixie on the left. This is our most popular Santa helper item. Luxurious long white plush trimmed red velvet suit featuring a v-neck front, silver tights, hat with large pom-pom and vinyl belt.

You will find that our deluxe Mrs. Claus wig is very professional and goes great with our costumes. The white ringlet curls are beautiful and give Mrs. Claus a traditional appearance.

Velvet Cape & Muff Set
Mrs Santa Long Gloves

​These white stretch satin gloves are designed to be a bit longer to keep your wrists covered while raising or stretching your arms.

The cape and muff are made of velvet and long luxurious plush hair with satin lining. This is a perfect addition to Mrs. Claus' wardrobe.

Miss Santa Skirt
Mrs. Claus Muffin Cap

Available in your choice of red or white is our Mrs. Claus muffin cap. The cap is crafted in a rich red velvet and trimmed with white lace. 

​Miss Santa skirt is a great addition for something to put on during warmer days. It is accented with white fur trim and made of rich burgundy velvet. 

Green Velvet Pixie
Mrs. Claus Coat

The Mrs. Claus coat is made of rich red velvet and looks terrific with it's white fur trim. This item goes great with all of our Mrs. Claus costumes. It's one of our most popular items and for a good reason. It keeps Mrs. Claus warm on those especially frigid nights.

The green velvet pixie is very similar to our red velvet perky pixie in style. The green color makes it unique and a nice change for Mrs. Claus when she feels like wearing something besides red.

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