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New Year, New Santa Suit: 5 Benefits Of A New Santa Claus Costume

​Christmas is over and now we are ready to take on a brand new year! Let's start the year off right with an exciting new look in one of our many Santa Claus costume choices. We have ample selections available and plenty of benefits listed. Be sure to keep reading more and check out our inventory!

1) A New Santa Claus Costume Makes You Feel Good

​Let's face it, stepping into a new Santa Claus costume makes you feel great! Everything is brand new with no stains on it from the little ones. The new fabric is soft and appealing towards the scared children. Additionally, you will look more confident if you feel more confident. Add a new costume to try out for your first scheduled event this year.

Rich Velvet Santa Suit


​Majestic Santa Suit

2) Buy A Different Sized Santa Suit

Things happen over the years and our sizes change. Purchase a new Santa Claus suit that fits right. If you are looking to size up or down, then now is a great time to purchase a brand new costume that fits right. We have started the new year, so now is a great time to make a few changes. Including your Santa suit! There are plenty of opportunities for social appearances throughout the year. Make sure you look great by getting a suit that fits correctly.

3) Mrs. Claus Likes The Variety

Mrs. Claus is most likely your number one fan. She thinks you look the part in any Santa suit. However, she does appreciate seeing you change up the look on occasion. Purchasing a new Santa Claus costume will bring a wider variety of outfits to your wardrobe. Surely, Mrs. Claus will appreciate the new suit. 

By the way, we also offer matching costumes. Why not add to both of your closets? Surprise the Mrs. with our matching couple suits!

Traditional Mr & Mrs Claus Suits


​Regal Red Santa & Mrs Claus

4) Our Santa Costumes Are Durable

​When you purchase a Santa suit from Costumes for Santa, you can rest assured that our costumes will be very durable. They are made with special care for long lasting durability. You will be purchasing a quality item that will last several seasons before you are ready to add another Santa suit to your wardrobe.

5) A New Santa Suit May Be An Upgrade

If by chance you did not purchase your current Santa Claus suit from us, then it may be time for an upgrade. Not to say that every other product is inferior, but it's a possibility. Plus, our prices are extremely competitive making your purchase even better! 

Perfect Santa Suit


Nostalgic & Old Tyme Santa Suit Combo

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