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Santa's Elves Are Busy Preparing For Christmas Morning

​Christmas is just right around the corner! Which means Santa's elves are very busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas is the best time of year and the elves are extra jolly in anticipation of the upcoming celebration. Their days are filled with lots to do in preparation and they have fun all along the way. While taking care of their chores they sing and dance to catchy Christmas tunes and quickly pass the time until the most anticipated day of the year!

Santa's Elves Create New Toys 

The elves are extremely busy this year building toys for all the good boys and girls around the world. Santa has been keeping close tabs on all the children. This year the numbers are impressive. There are record breaking numbers of kids on the nice list! While this is terrific news, it also means the elves have a lot of work cut out for them!. But rest assured, it's nothing they cannot handle.

When we think of Santa's elves, it's hard not to imagine them making toys. It's certainly what they are known for. But, they actually take on a lot of other responsibilities at the North Pole.

The Elves Tend To The Reindeer

​Taking care of the reindeer is something the elves enjoy. It's also time-consuming and necessary several times a day. The reindeer require a large diet to build their strength up for Christmas Eve. They put in a lot of work in one day, therefore they need to be very strong and healthy. The elves help Santa Claus feed and water the reindeer multiple times a day. Additionally, the elves keep the reindeer strong by allowing them to pull them around all over the place. This builds up their muscles and keeps them active.

Elf Tunic & H. Berry Elf Costume

Mrs. Claus Uses The Elves As Cookie Making Helpers

Mrs. Claus makes so many cookies that she requires lots of help from the adoring elves. They love it when she calls on their tiny hands for help decorating sugar cookies. Especially because they get to taste test all of their finished treats! The cookies at the North Pole keep everyone in good spirits throughout the busiest time of the year. Therefore, Mrs. Claus always makes sure she has dozens prepared daily.

​Elves Make Candy At Santa's Workshop

​Candy canes are a Christmas staple in many homes all over the world. The elves are busy, busy, busy making candy canes for all the upcoming Christmas trees. There are many other candies they are preparing as well. Santa's workshop has the elves making sure there's plenty of candy to be had this year! As if we all didn't get enough during Halloween this year!

The Elves Make Sure Santa Reads Every Letter

Every letter is very important to Santa Claus. So much so that he asks the elves to help him read every letter twice! He doesn't want to miss an important request or miss hearing about something special that has happened in a child's life. The elves spend every evening sitting around the fireplace snuggled up next to Santa reading and recording letters. This is a special tradition that both the elves and Santa look forward to every day. This meticulous letter reading helps make Christmas morning go as smoothly as possible!

Holly B. Elf & Velvet Elf

Getting Ready For Santa's Arrival
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