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10 Ideas For Random Acts Of Christmas Kindness- Santa Approved!

​Fulfilling random acts of kindness not only benefits others but they also make you feel great as a person. There's times when you may think that you wish you could do more for others. So, what better time than the present? Certain things can take very little effort and mean the world to someone else. You never know when you may just brighten someone's day.

We highly encourage you to choose at least one act of kindness and put it on your to-do list. Besides, it never hurts to remain on Santa's good list. We have ten ideas listed below but feel free to create one of your own. Oh and Santa has gone through and approved each one of our suggestions!

1) Complete a household chore that you wouldn't normally do

Many times things around the house become certain peoples responsibilities. Such as taking out the trash, or cleaning the bath tub. Perhaps sweeping and dusting is only done by one person in the home. Be kind and take care of the chore before that family member gets to it. Let them be surprised to find that you have already completed it. Little acts of kindness can go a long ways in relationships and friendships.

2) Hold the door open for someone

Often we all get so busy in life that we forget our manners from time to time. Holding the door open for the person behind you may be something you do every day. If so, then great job! Just remember that Santa is keeping tabs and wants to keep you on the nice list. Keep holding doors open. 

If you never do this kind act then now is the time to start! It's polite and could really make someone's day to be noticed. Something so small and simple can really cheer another person up. It takes very little effort and it's a terrific way to show your kindness to random people.

3) Pick up litter

Picking up trash isn't exactly glamorous but helping out your community surely is. Find an afternoon free and head to your local park for litter clean up. You could organize an entire group of people at the same location or complete the task solo. Either way it's certainly a very nice thing to do and a great random act of kindness. 

Even Santa Claus makes time out of his busy schedule to help clean up. We could all be just a little bit more kind like Santa and find ways to be kind throughout the year.

4) Donate your hair

Summer is over and fall is just around the corner. Perhaps you're ready to make a change to your look. Take this time to find a way to donate your hair when you go in for a haircut. There are many organizations that will happily accept your donation. Meanwhile, you will be helping someone greatly in need of hair due to their loss of their own. You may not get to see the recipient but just knowing that your hair will be helping someone will be very gratifying. 

5) Build a little free library

Build or purchase a tiny library to put in your front yard or see if you can set one up at a nearby park. You put books in them for others so they can pick up and read their treasured find. Sometimes people return them and other times they swap out one they'd also like to donate. Or, of course they just accept the gift that you have nicely displayed as your random act of kindness. 

You may have already noticed these tiny libraries around your neighborhood. They have become very popular over the past couple of years. Many homeowners are building them out of scrap materials laying around the garage. You can design it how you please and watch as people pick out something new to read. It's a terrific way to show kindness and share something you no longer need.

6) Give a school teacher a gift certificate

School teachers work very hard and for a very small income. Many times they have to make do with what little supplies they are granted. Find a teacher and show your gratitude by giving them a gift certificate. You can either choose one that is designed just for the teacher to use. You may also choose to gift them a certificate to somewhere that they can pick up any supplies that they could really use.

Either way giving a teacher a gift certificate will be accepted very warmly. It's a very thoughtful way to show your appreciation. 

7) Send letters to patients in the hospital

Contact your local hospital and find out if you can send in anonymous letters to patients. Most will allow cards or letters of encouragements. This is a terrific way to brighten someone's day. Sitting around in a hospital is certainly not something that anyone wishes to do. Show some Christmas kindness early this year. Santa and Mrs. Claus whole-heartedly approve!

8) Learn CPR

Learning CPR could save someone's life. You never know when it may come in handy that you have this skill in your back pocket. Sign up for a class to learn CPR just in case it's needed sometime in the future.

If you are already certified, then great job! Depending on how long it has been, then it may be a good idea to brush up on your skills. It doesn't hurt to go in for a refresher course. This act of kindness is truly one of a kind. 

9) Donate toys to a charity

There are children everywhere that go without birthday gifts or Christmas presents because their parents just cannot afford to buy them. Charities for children are designed to help those kids feel more like their classmates. They hand out gifts that special people donate. 

Be that extra special person for a child this year. Find a place to donate and pick up a toy or two and drop it off. You may not be there to watch the excitement but just know that this random act of kindness will make a child feel so special.

10) Give a friend a surprise gift

Friendships can be hard to maintain when we get so busy in our personal lives. Sometimes finding the time for a friend on a regular basis can seem impossible. Surprise one of your friends with a gift. It doesn't have to be anything large and extravagant because it's the thought that matters.

Order something online for them and have it shipped to their home. You could even have cookies or flowers delivered to their workplace. Showing that you care about your friend will definitely brighten their day.

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