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7 Tips On How To Be A Santa Claus

​Playing the role of Santa Claus is no easy task! However, it is extremely rewarding once you sit down at the end of the day to analyze how many children you've made happy once again. It doesn't matter if this year is your first year or your 30th; you may just learn a new tip. Check out our list of some helpful tips on how to be a Santa Claus.

1. Act The Part & Stay In Character

​First, and foremost it is very important to take on the role as Santa Claus properly. If you are going to put on the Santa suit and make appearances then how you conduct yourself is just as important as how you look. Anyone can put a suit on and pretend to be Santa Claus. But, if you want to be successful and create lasting impressions then you must stay in character.

Staying in character means knowing your manners. It also means that you must be nice! Just because a parent or an unruly child tests your patience doesn't mean that you should reciprocate. Remember, Santa is always teaching lessons on how to behave towards the little ones. Be the shining example someone may need this year and every year to come.

Be courteous to all and be sure to listen more than you speak. 

2. Dress Like Santa Claus 

Deluxe Santa Suit
Majestic Santa Suit

Dressing up as Santa Claus is one of the best parts of taking on the role. There's a wide variety of Santa costumes to choose from to suit your specific style or preferences in materials. Be sure to make sure your Helpers and Mrs. Claus dress the part accordingly also.

Nostalgic Santa Suit
Deluxe Traditional Suit

Here at Costumes for Santa we have lots of Santa Claus suits ranging from Sunny Claus hanging out on the beach, to our professional Majestic Santa Suit. We love both but they are each for different occasions or outings. We also offer a Perfect Santa Suit that's great for almost any occasion or appearance.

3. Make Lots Of Appearances 

One of the biggest reasons to become Santa Claus is to go out and be seen and heard. Get the little ones excited for Christmas. The best way to make appearances is by landing a mall job as Santa or another gig that requires your expertise. 

This time of year everyone loves to see Santa Claus. It reminds them of the special family holiday and perhaps their childhood as well. The smaller children may act scared, but if you continue to stay in character then they will soon realize that you are a cheerful person that they will come to adore.

So find a festival, stroll the neighborhood, or even go grocery shopping as you portray a very merry Mr. Claus.

4. Be Ready For Tough Questions 

This tip for Santa Claus is extremely important. There will undoubtedly be several questions that arise that you should certainly be prepared for. There are several popular questions asked that you should definitely be ready for. 

Q: My house doesn't have a chimney. How will you bring me presents?

A: Santa Claus has a magic key that gives him the ability to open any door in the world!

Q: Can I have a puppy this year?

A: Because it is so cold on the sleigh Santa doesn't bring animals with him. You'll have to talk with your Mommy or Daddy about getting a puppy.

Q: What are the reindeers names?

A: Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.

Any other questions that arise will have to be taken with caution. Try to be vague so you don't end up saying something wrong. Just take each question as they come and use your instincts. Think like a child. It can really come in handy while portraying yourself as Mr. Santa Claus.

5. Use Your Santa Claus Helpers

​A Santa Claus is only as good as his helpers. He needs to rely on them for many things and it's important to remember this while trying to be a Santa. Let the elves introduce themselves and keep the little ones busy so they don't get restless waiting on their time to sit on Santa's lap. 

Helpers can also assist with lifting the children this way you don't end up pulling a muscle in your back. Mrs. Claus or the elves are also terrific at keeping Santa hydrated during extra long appearances. Task one of them for this duty and it will help keep things moving smoothly every time.

6. Brush Up On Your Santa Claus History

Becoming a Santa Claus can be lots of fun and keep you busy throughout the entire year if you have the time for it. Many organizations and facilities hire Santa Claus to sit and tell stories. Knowing your Santa Claus history can be extremely beneficial. This may come in handy for a nice storytelling session. Bring along Mrs. Claus too for an added bonus for the audience. 

7. Be A Jolly Santa Claus!

Lastly, be jolly! A joyful Santa is exactly what most people picture when they think about what kind of character he may have. Keep the positive energy going throughout all events.

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