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Christmas Dreams Come True

​Year after year people cease to amaze us with how much kindness they have in their hearts. All over the world nice things happen for others day in and day out. However, during Christmas time those acts of selflessness tend to increase. We've put together some extraordinary Christmas dreams coming true through the goodwill of others.

​Toys for Tots has been ​giving away toys for over 70 years! In fact, they've given away 604 million toys to date! Saying their efforts are generous is an understatement. 

One example is in Columbus, Ohio. During this past Christmas local residents donated over 50,000 toys to children in need. Parents all over really rely on programs such as Toys for Tots. There are times when some parents simply cannot afford to purchase gifts but they still want their children to have something.

​A custodian that has been working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County for over 10 years was given a remarkable gift for Christmas. After helping many other families rebuild their homes, he was given one of his own.

He and his wife had been saving and trying to purchase a home but had run into some issues along the way. However, the Boys & Girls Club surprised them with a home. They had over $40,000 donated towards closing costs. They also made the home move-in ready with furniture and appliances.

This exceptional act of Christmas kindness really proves how generous people can be towards others in need.

​A group of local DreamCatchers from a Tucson high school made some Christmas dreams come true for elderly hospice patients. The high school students brought quality of life to those in need.

One of the acts of kindness the students fulfilled was to put up Christmas decorations for someone who could no longer do so themselves. The local Arizona resident said this is the second year in a row that they have made her Christmas dream come true. 

These kids are really making an outstanding impression on the elderly while learning very valuable life lessons at the same time. The DreamCatchers also make time to visit with the elderly hospice patients on a regular basis.

​In a small Georgia town, Shaq made Christmas dreams come true for 500 local children. Shaq lives in Mcdonough, GA and he made the humble decision to go to the local school to surprise all the kids with gifts they may or may not have been able to have from their own parents. He gave away the hottest gift item this year. He handed out over 1000 Playstation 5's and Ninetendo Switches game consoles.

Many children cried with excitement and pure gratitude. Shaq said that he grew up without gifts on Christmas morning and his wish is that no child should ever go through that same experience. We certainly think that his act of goodwill made many local children's Christmas dreams come true this year.

​Dreams Come True is a Jacksonville, FL organization that helps children children that are battling life threatening illnesses. They have helped over 4,000 children fulfill their dreams.

The Jacksonville airport put up their annual Christmas tree decorating contest this year. In doing so they received 30 trees from mostly local businesses. Next to the beautiful display they promoted the Dreams Come True organization in order to help the children fulfill their Christmas dreams.

One local special little girl will be able to fulfill her dream this year at Disney World!

Unfortunately, Christmas doesn't always wait for some kids who are seriously ill. Thankfully, Christmas Dreams is an organization that is all about making dreams come true any day of the year. Their goal is to help families create memories to last a lifetime, while bringing cheer and hope. 

The charity offers a Christmas is coming 40 foot trailer that has been converted as Santa's mobile home. The trailer is intended for children with life threatening illnesses. They take it to hospitals and park outside so the kids do not have far to travel in order to experience the magic of Christmas with Santa & Mrs. Claus.

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