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Christmas In July

The time has come to celebrate Christmas in July. This past Christmas was likely much different compared to previous years due to Covid restrictions. We are very excited to see the Santa's out and about with all their helpers.

So, now that there's a vaccine and more places opening up to group gatherings, why not plan a get-together? You and your friends and family can celebrate a summer Christmas. We've put together some great ideas that will resemble the typical Christmas in December celebration, while tailoring to the summer season. 

Watch Your Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movies 

​Part of the holidays is all about watching your favorite Christmas movies. Some movies we watch dozens of times and never get tired of. So, a great way to remember Christmas during July is to sit down and spend a day watching all of your favorites! It's great for one of those really hot summer July days when you just don't want to step foot outside.

Visit A Christmas Themed Theme Park

​Did you know that there are Christmas themed amusement parks? This usually comes as a surprise to those that LOVE Christmas. In fact, there are several throughout the United States. We're talking Colorado (The North Pole-Santa's Workshop) all the way to New Hampshire (Santa's Village). With several in between. They're open during the summer and bring in lots of excited children and adults during Christmas in July for days full of jolly and cheer!

Attend A Christmas In July Festival

​Depending on where you live you may or may not need to travel a little ways for this particular activity. Take a look at surrounding cities to see if anyone is holding a local Christmas in July festival. They are actually pretty popular and tend to have a large turn-out. It's no surprise that many people love Christmas. Getting the opportunity to celebrate during the warm summer tends to be very appealing and brings a lot of joy to the festival goers. You should give it a shot. It really can be a lot of fun!

Grill Your Holiday Favorites

​During Christmas in December it's all about baked goods and waiting a long time to make huge meals. Try making some of those favorites outdoors. It's likely very hot out so cooking inside is just going to heat the home up more. Try your hand at smoking a ham or grilling a turkey. Get creative and invite someone over for a pot-luck type Christmas in July gathering.

Host A Costume Christmas In July Party

Dress up as Santa or one of his helpers. Ask your friends, coworkers, and family over for a fun filled evening to celebrate Christmas in July! Presents can be optional. If you are the type that loves to decorate during the holidays then a party is a great idea for you. Break out all those beautiful decorations that you've been acquiring over the years and host a party! You'll have the opportunity to show off all your beautiful items, you'll also get to enjoy them, plus you'll be amongst those you love.

You can ask your guests to dress up for fun. You can even host the party outdoors since the weather should be much nicer than it normally is during Christmas. If you are outdoors, consider cutting watermelon with a Christmas tree cookie cutout as one of the festive ideas.

Go Shopping Early! Find Deals For Now Or Later

​Christmas in July brings a lot of sales to retail stores. This is a prime opportunity to get a head start on Christmas shopping for later in the year. It always seems that there is never enough time for Christmas shopping when you are busy planning Thanksgiving and many other family, friend, and work functions. Take advantage of the sales and get a head start on gifts so that you can relax this year when the actual Christmas date rolls around.

Go To The Beach & Build Sand Angels, Santas, Snowmen, Etc.

Typically during Christmas the beach is not on anyone's minds. Most places are cold, covered in snow, and we're busy building snowmen. So, celebrate Christmas in July by going to the beach and doing some of those same things. Build a snowman (sandman) out of sand. Lay on the sand and make a snow angel (sand angel). Bring a picnic and enjoy the warm weather. Tell the kids this is a gift from Santa to celebrate Christmas in July.

Surprise Your Family & Friends With Christmas In July Gifts

​Giving gifts does not have to happen on strict Holidays such as Christmas day or a birthday. Gifts can be given away any time of year. In fact, most people think a gift means more to them if it is given out of the blue. Celebrate Christmas in July by choosing one or more people to give to. It doesn't have to be a lot but the thought is what matters. If you have any leftover Christmas themed wrapping paper laying around then that would make it even better!

Play All Your Favorite Christmas Carols

​If listening to Jingle Bells on repeat all day makes you feel jolly, then go for it! Christmas in July is not just about cooking, gifts, or gatherings. It's also about how it makes you feel. Break out your Christmas playlist and play it all you want!

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