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What Do Elves & Santa's Helpers Do During The Summer?

​Santa's Elves and helpers have very important duties during the holidays. They keep extremely busy for many months out of the year. Summer is a terrific time for the helpers to take much needed breaks from their busy schedules. Let's see what kind of things they all do during the hot summer months.


​The reindeer keep very busy taking Santa around the world during Christmas. They need to stay fit and active but they also need to relax some and have leisure time of their own. 

During the Summer months you can find Santa taking the reindeer on a special trip to the beach. It's quite a sight to see and the reindeer truly enjoy the special attention. When they're not frolicking in the water, they like to chase each other around playing tag. They're very playful and just like being amongst each others company. They also enjoy trying out new healthy treats Mrs. Claus makes during the summertime.

Mr. Jingeling

​Mr. Jingeling is truly one of a kind. He has an extremely important role of protecting, guarding, and creating all the keys for Santa Claus. He takes this position very seriously and knows just how crucial it is for him to do his very best every single day. Therefore, Mr. Jingeling never takes a day off.

The keeper of the keys does still find time to have some fun during the summer. You can find him painting beautiful landscapes outdoors, or sewing indoors when the weather proves to be too hot. He never lets the keys leave his sight but he still enjoys the slower pace during the summer months.


​The Elves take full advantage of their down time in the summer. They find lots of fun activities to keep them occupied. Like Santa and the reindeer, the Elves also love to have a beach day. The Elves build sand castles together as a team and practice their impressive swimming skills as well.

Occasionally they will pop into a holiday themed amusement park. All the park goers are always extremely delighted to see them having just as much fun as they are. They ride all the rides they can, splash in the water parks, and eat plenty of fair food too!

Mrs. Claus

​Mrs. Claus helps make sure that Santa Claus is getting plenty of relaxation time during the summer. She's just as important if not more than all the other helpers. She keeps Santa well rested and healthy for the upcoming holiday season. They like to take several small trips together to unwind and enjoy each others company.

Mrs. Claus enjoys reading, knitting, and watching all the other helpers enjoy their vacations as well. She packs them snacks for their beach days and always has fresh lemonade ready for all to enjoy!

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