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Counting the Days Until Christmas

It's pretty much official, summer's over. August is winding down to a close and there's not much left besides Labor Day officially close it out. SUV's with cargo boxes on the roofs are replaced with big yellow buses on the roads. Sun tans will start fading soon and the Halloween stores are in negotiations for leases on the discount clothing outlets that didn't make it as we speak.

The smell of backyard barbecues will soon be replaced with burning logs from fireplaces. Mowed lawns will be filled with crunching leaves and rakes will soon be replaced with snow shovels as the tool of choice.

There's a wondrous magic that happens as the days get shorter. Something fills the air along with the chatter of school children laughing at the end of their first days. The first signs of winter are around the corner, and along with that, something pure that we all can feel and cherish. The holidays are almost as close as the first day of summer.

No matter your age or climate you were raised in, Christmas has a feeling that can't be truly described. Even as we grow from young children to older children, the stars in the eyes of the youngsters never seem to dissipate around that time of year. It's always a time for families to come together and celebrate the honesty of youth, and believe in something that can't be explained, yet everyone feels.

Some of us never lose that spark. We know that no matter what happens throughout the year, towards the end of December there will still be future adults who haven't yet experienced the purity of Christmas. And some that had, but just forgot. And in only a few short months, we'll be lighting up the dreary winter with a brightness that can only be described in one word. Christmas.

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