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Top Gigs for Professional Santas in the Off Season

Now that we're getting ready to head back into the holiday season, all the professional mall Santas are shining up their boots. But what have they been up to in the off season?

Everyone needs something to keep themselves occupied, and Santa is no different. Plus, having a couple of extra dollars for reindeer food doesn't hurt either. Here are the top gigs for professional Santas when they're not working on making Christmas great for everyone.


1.Uber or Lyft Driver

When Santa isn't driving his sleigh, you might catch him buzzing around town in a Prius picking up fares. Don't be surprised if the next time you're leaving a bar in July, a jolly guy in a red suit picks you up. A word of advice: a nice tip will go a long way towards keeping your name off the naughty list.


2. Personal Trainer

Whether it's a spin class at your local gym or a private boot camp, there's a chance your instructor may be Saint Nick himself. There's nothing like teaching a January crossfit class to drop a few pounds from all the milk and cookies. And rocking out in a spin class is a great way to make sure that professional Santa suit fits next year.

3. Dog Walker 

It's true, reindeer aren't the only animals that Santa deals with. Don't be surprised if you see several dogs streaking past with a big red Santa suit in tow. And if you're personally looking for someone to take your four legged friend on daily walks, keep an eye on Craigslist postings around early spring and you might get lucky.

4. Computer Repair

Just because he's older doesn't mean that Santa isn't hip to technology. From installing extra memory on your laptop to removing spyware from the latest Equifax breach, if you need in home tech support, Santa is your man. Just be sure if he comes to your home to remove a virus, you didn't get it looking at something naughty online!

5. Bouncer 

He may be jolly, but that doesn't mean Santa can't take out the trash when necessary. It's not rare to find a professional mall Santa moonlighting in a rough and tumble cantina downtown. And if you think Patrick Swayze was tough in Roadhouse, wait until you see jolly old Saint Nick put some coal in the stocking of some troublemakers at the bar.

6. Contractor

Need some drywall installed? Call up Santa. Have a leaky roof? North Pole Roofing has great reviews. Looking for someone to do some masonry work on your chimney? Mr. Claus is your guy. All those years of sneaking into homes to deliver presents have helped Santa Claus to become a structural genius. Although, he surprisingly doesn't do any work on fireplaces due to the difficulty in keeping his Santa suit clean.

7. Musician

 While Christmas carols are cycling through the iPod during the winter months, the rest of the year, Santa's music tastes differ a bit. It's not uncommon to see Santa jamming out at a wedding or birthday party in the off season for some extra cash. Some friendly advice; careful with crowd surfing. It creates some extreme wear and tear on your Santa suit.

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