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How To Hold Onto Christmas All Year Long

Christmas brings special memories for many people. It brings families together who may not get to see one another very often. We give to others without contemplation. Our neighbors, strangers, and even mail delivery workers become our friends in thought. We give them cards, gifts, or special made treats.

Giving makes us feel good. But not only is Christmas about giving; it is also about being kind. It's about seeing the good through the bad. It's about having a cheerful attitude and embracing the happiness in our lives.

It's no wonder we want to keep Christmas around all year. So, let's go over a few ways to hold on to Christmas all year. It's really quite simple and can bring so much joy to ourselves as well as many others.

Light Your Favorite Christmas Candles 

One of our best sensories is the ability to smell. This can bring back a world of memories. Perhaps, it's a smell from your childhood when you went over to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe it's a smell from your favorite Aunt's house. Or, it just simply reminds you of home.

Spark up a candle that you keep stored away just for Christmas time. Bring back those memories and fill your home with a calming aroma. You can always get more if you run out. No need to keep them tucked away just for one month out of the year. Let yourself enjoy what makes you happy.

Bake Cookies 

Many children grow up baking with their mothers, grandmothers, or a number of relatives. This is a time of bonding. Usually this memory is looked back on fondly. We carry on the tradition from generation to generation. The problem is that we only reserve this time of year for the holidays.

Why is that? Well, we think that there's no rules when it comes to creating memories and enjoying ourselves in the kitchen. Start a monthly, or even weekly routine. Make the home feel like Christmas anytime you want!

Even if you are cooking alone; baking cookies will surely make you feel like it's Christmas. Plus, there's no reason we cannot make gingerbread and sugar cookies all year round!

If you don't want to eat them all yourself then do what you would normally do during the holidays. Give them away. Give the cookies to your neighbors or friends. Trust me when I say that everyone loves to be gifted cookies out of the blue.

Have A Christmas Movie Night

​There's so many wonderful Christmas movies out there. You could watch one once a week and be set for the year! But honestly, we all have our favorites. Sometimes it's nice to just rewatch the same few over and over.

Personally I have many that remind me of the best holiday years. I'm willing to bet many others feel the same way. There's nothing wrong with sitting down and reminiscing on our favorite past times.

Gather the family or friends and make it a fun experience. You can also light those special candles, bake some cookies for a snack, and sit down to a great movie night together.​

Volunteer At A Local Homeless Shelter

​Volunteering every year is something many people think about during Christmas. It's the time of year that we all really think about the less fortunate ones who don't have a home or a place to enjoy Christmas. So what's stopping us the remainder of the year?

There are people that struggle all throughout the year. They need help and encouragement. Even if it just means volunteering our time. Continue the Christmas spirit all year round. Volunteer or give any way you can. It will certainly brighten someone's day and probably yours as well.

Volunteer At A Local Animal Shelter

​During the holidays it often crosses our minds to go spend time with the unwanted or abandoned animals. So, why not continue to do so when we have time throughout the year? It's a great way to be giving and even though they won't be able to thank you verbally, surely they'll show some other signs of appreciation.

Animals are also in need of love and affection. So many are left on the streets or surrendered to a local shelter. Those poor things sit in there for months on end hoping for a loving family to take them in.

Many shelters let you spend one on one time with the animals. Some will even let you take a dog for a few hours to play with it or walk a local trail. These types of excursions are such a wonderful way to bring happiness for a day to an animal in need, all year long.

Give To Charities

​If you have the means to give, then I encourage you to do so. Charities need help all year long. There are so many to choose from and so many great causes out there. During the holidays it's something that naturally comes to mind. But, these organizations could really use our help all throughout the year.

If you don't have the funds then find a charity that you are passionate about and ask them how you can help. Some charities could really use help in other ways. It may be with your time helping them at an event. Possibly, making phone calls on their behalf. Or, it could be as simple as helping them with paperwork. There's lots of ways to help and by doing so it will give you the opportunity to remain in the Christmas "giving" spirit all year round.

Send A Card

​​Have you ever received a Christmas card in the mail and thought "wow, this is so thoughtful!"? Well the reason is because it is very thoughtful. Someone took the time to look up your address, write you a little note and send the card whatever the distance between the two of you is. They wanted you to know that they are thinking of you.

Try doing the same thing anytime of year. You know the feeling. It is absolutely wonderful to imagine that someone thought of you enough to go that extra mile. Sure, you can send a text but a handwritten note on a card has so much more meaning. It brings warmth and happiness. It brings connection by thinking about the other person when they sat down to write the card.

Besides, with the slow roll out of these vaccines, some people are getting very lonely at home. Some haven't left their homes in months. Getting a piece of mail from a loved one or friend will really brighten their day. Keep Christmas going all year by randomly picking a family member or friend that crosses your mind, and send them a very thoughtful card. It'll brighten their day and it'll keep you in the Christmas spirit.

Light The Fireplace Or String Christmas Lights

​When we think about Christmas we usually think about wintertime and cold days. Our way of warming up is lighting an indoor fire while we wrap presents or bake cookies. Keep the fire burning year round by turning on a set of Christmas lights or lighting the fireplace.

If you happen to live in a warm climate or it's summertime, then crank up the A/C and enjoy yourself for the day. It's not very eco-friendly so if you want to be conservative then you could just string the lights up all over the inside. Put up a few stockings too just for good measure! 

Play Your Favorite Christmas Songs Anytime You Please 

​It's no secret that Christmas carols get stuck in your head and have you skipping around singing along. There's so much joy and happiness in listening to a great Christmas jingle.

Christmas songs are on all the radio stations during December but then they disappear for the remaining months afterwards. Find them online or buy a CD and put on your favorite Christmas themed songs anytime you please throughout the year. Of course, there's no promising that everyone around you won't yell at you for getting the songs stuck in their head.

Put On Your Christmas Costume

​​If you own one of our Costumes, then surprise someone on video by putting it on before you speak with them. Not only will this make their day, it will also get you in the Christmas spirit for a while as well.

If you don't own one, then not to worry! We sell all of our merchandise year-round. Place your order today and get prepared to stay in the Christmas mood all year round!

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