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Our Letter To You

What a Year!

Well fellow Santas and Santa enthusiasts, we made it! We're finally into 2021!

The beginning of the new year is always a great time to reflect; think about how we've grown, what we've achieved, what we could have done differently. I think once the Times Square ball dropped this year, everyone let out a big sigh of relief.

It's no secret that Christmas was completely unique this year. Many of the things that make it special were simply not possible. There were very few trips to the mall loading up on gifts. Which ultimately led to less cozy meals at nearby restaurants amid the hustle and bustle. School plays and choir presentations were dismissed. And the most important thing, spending time with distant loved ones, simply wasn't a possibility for most.

But yet, we all persevered on, and made due. We shopped from our computers instead of venturing out. We learned some new recipes and sharpened up our cooking skills. And we all became experts in Zoom and Facetime, enjoying family dinners via screens (with much less indigestion!)

So, now what? Where will this new year lead us? Well, it's certainly hard to tell at this time but there are several promising vaccines making their rounds. Hopefully there will be some normalcy soon. At this point we are all just crossing our fingers and hoping for a much better year than last.

I do believe some of these new habits we picked up will stick around for a long time. Some things aren't so bad when you think about it. Keeping ourselves distanced from one another can be helpful.

I'm sure new mothers greatly appreciate less stress when taking their little ones anywhere. Children are much more susceptible to illnesses than adults. Health care workers are always telling mothers to keep their newborns away from others as often as possible. Now, they can without seeming rude or like they want to keep all those sweet baby snuggles to themselves.

Who knows, maybe this year will bring on BIG Christmas in July gatherings. Our most recent Christmas certainly wasn't the same for many. A lot of people really enjoy the holidays and perhaps this July will be a great way to make up for loss time.

Well, everything as of right now is certainly just speculation. The future is unclear but one thing we know for sure. People LOVE Santa Claus. They do truly adore his jolly character and all the memories that go along with him. They of course love Mrs. Claus & the helpers too!

Speaking of which, we would like to tell you how much you mean to us as well. We are very grateful for our loyal customers. Year after year we hear from many of you and sometimes you are a brand new customer. Either way, we are so happy that you choose to order with us at Costumes for Santa. We couldn't do it without all of you amazing people from all around the World.

Thank you so very much and may your days be merry & bright!

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