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    Since 1995

Mrs. Claus For A Cause

​Mrs. Claus takes on a lot of roles in the North Pole. One thing many people do not know is exactly how much she does in other places too! She keeps herself busy establishing very noble causes that benefit children and parents who need it the most. We've put together a few Mrs. Claus causes to bring awareness. Additionally, we would also like to encourage others to try to be just a bit more like her.

Help Mrs. Claus

This New York City based nonprofit was established in 2010. The special program is designed for underprivileged children living in NYC. Hand selected by their social workers, the children write letters for a special wish or a gift.

A letter reading party is held amongst donors and volunteers giving them the option to choose a specific child to shop for or to contribute to multiple children.

Mrs. Claus hosts an annual holiday party where she hand delivers gifts to anywhere from 160 to 550 children.

Project Mrs. Claus 

Project Mrs. Claus is sponsored by Coconuts Kid Fit Foundation. The extraordinary program has been granting wishes since 1994. Families who are experiencing hardship and are in need during the holiday season are gifted with their wishes being granted by Project Mrs. Claus.

They are always accepting donations and will even send you letters to choose from for a wish you would like to personally grant with your generous contributions.

Mrs. Claus For A Cause

Mrs. Claus for a Cause really goes the extra mile beyond the typical gifts given by other charities. This non-profit is fairly new, having only started up in 2019, their bountiful giving is quite remarkable. 

During the holidays they focus on families with special needs children. Their goal is to help with medical expenses and equipment. 

Additionally, there's a two day annual event where Santa is in attendance handing out hugs, taking pictures, giving toys, and enjoying lots of food.

Mrs. Claus is certainly showcasing just how caring and generous she is for many grateful families.

Mrs. Claus Has A Cause

Mrs. Claus has a Cause is actually a bit different than the others we have listed. Their cause was started in memory of a Mrs. Claus that was very dear to her family and Santa Larry at Oakholm Farm. Sadly, she passed away due to cancer in 2020. 

The initiative started as a way to help Santa Larry with unexpected medical expenses. Now, in honor of Mrs. Claus Elaine, any contributions will go towards fighting cancer with support to those near and dear that are affected and in need of help themselves.

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