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Santa Claus Gets Fit For Summer

​Santa Claus is in the process of getting fit for the summer! He doesn't always have his concealing velvet fur suit on so now is the time to slim down. He's ready to break out the flip-flops, swimming trunks, and tank tops for his beach vacation. But, during Christmas he's left with LOTS of cookies and special treats. While he certainly appreciates all the generosity, his waist line is starting to show just how many holiday indulgences he enjoyed.

Santa Claus Weight Lifting

​Not only is Santa building muscle by weight lifting, but he is also getting his heart rate up. This exercise is going to help Mr. Claus drop a few extra pounds while making him stronger. He certainly needs to keep building his strength to carry and deliver all the gifts year after year.

Santa Claus is highly anticipating a fun-filled summer full of trips to amusement parks, backyard gatherings, and plenty of beach time away from the cold weather. He wants to look his best but he also wants to practice healthy habits. He wants to live a long time and in order to do so he must take care of himself physically.

Cardio With Santa On The Treadmill

​High cardio exercises are a great way to drop weight. Santa is putting in a couple miles on the treadmill a few times a week and the results are really starting to show. Some days he just wants to walk and that's great too. It may take a little longer than running but it still burns plenty of calories to walk too.

Strength Training Keeps Santa Claus Toned

​Let's face it, doing the same exercises every day gets a bit boring. Santa Claus likes to switch things up a bit by trying out all the machines the gym has to offer. The variation helps with strength building and keeping established muscles nice and toned.

Eating Healthy Foods & Smaller Portion Sizes

​Typically during the holiday months Santa eats anything that he wants. Which is a lot when you consider how many people give Santa cookies or other tasty homemade goods. Now that summer is upcoming, Santa has to diet and limit his portion sizes. He knows the results are going to be worth it but it's easier said than done for sure!

Mrs. Claus Helps Santa With His Weight Loss Goals

​Mrs. Claus is Santa's biggest supporter. She wants to see him live a long and healthy life. Therefore, she's been helping keep track of calorie intake, exercise schedules, and most importantly limiting the snacks. She usually really enjoys baking sweets but she's been cutting back on doing so as to not tempt Mr. Claus during his weight loss journey.

Summer Santa Claus Accessories

Sunny Claus!
Christmas Rock & Roll Glasses

Show off your new weight loss in our flattering Sunny Claus! Let people know you're Santa without having to wear your winter layers. Our Summer suit is perfect for beach gatherings, picnics, or even a baseball game!

Don't forget your shades this summer! Our Christmas Rock & Roll Glasses have red velvet frames with green "ho ho ho" lenses. Rock the attached white sideburns to complete your Santa attire. 

Red Ornament Glasses
Hawaiian Santa Shirt

​Show off your holiday spirit all year round with our fashionable Red Ornament Glasses. These glasses have rimless red lenses with a silver snowflake pattern. They are accented with gold details and arms.

Your vacation wouldn't be complete without a Hawaiian Santa Shirt. The fun pattern on the shirt is sure to keep everyone in a great mood. You certainly cannot go wrong with our 100% cotton Hawaiian made and designed shirt!

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