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Santa Claus During Autumn Season

As we all know, summer is coming to an end. Kids are going back to school, either virtually or in person. And of course, those who were able to vacation, are now getting back into the regular swing of their normal daily lives. The weather is starting to make some changes by dropping in temperature. The air is crisp, the pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, and soon the leaves will change in color.  

So, what is Santa Claus doing? How will he be spending this fall? Well, this time of year it's time for Santa to start thinking about Christmas. It's time for him to start gearing up for getting out and checking in on the little ones. It's also time for him to get his friends and family ready to journey around the world delivering gifts to children.

Gathering The Elves 

The elves have all had plenty of fun throughout the summer. Now that Fall is rolling around. It is time to start making toys, helping Santa, and charming Mrs. Claus into baking some cookies for energy.

Santa is busy getting the elves back into a routine and making sure they're happy at the North Pole. The elves have spent the summer swimming, playing, camping, and spending their days relaxing. The next several months will be very busy and they certainly deserved the time off.

Training The Reindeer

Like the elves, the reindeer have been taking a break from their normal duties. They've been free roaming, eating plentiful, and running around playing with one another. 

Santa Claus now has to round up all his reindeer, including any new ones that may have come along during the summer, and get them back in shape. Santa will spend the fall working the reindeer slowly, so that they are prepared for the great Christmas flight around the world. They are of course very important when it comes to Santa Claus delivering all the gifts to the little ones.

Testing The Treats

You may think that Mrs. Claus only bakes cookies during the Christmas holiday but that's not true. She actually spends her Autumn months trying out new recipes and testing them on Santa and the elves. Her annual recipes will always stay around but every year you can be sure that she has a few new extra treats to share.

Mrs. Claus loves to bake and Mr. Claus loves to sample. So, this works out perfectly. If not for Santa, then there would be way too many cookies left uneaten and she would hate to waste all those ingredients and delicious baked goods. Besides, Santa Claus deserves it with all the hard work he's putting in these days while getting ready for Christmas!


Like any other person, Santa needs some time to himself. He is so busy looking after the elves, training reindeer, and eating all the cookies, but at times you can find him in solitude. Santa is known to take a long walk in the woods to enjoy the changing leaves and wonderful weather. While he is out he usually brings a book or something to draw on and will sit down for a while. Taking this much needed time to himself keeps Santa Claus in his jolly mood all year long.

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