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How Could Coronavirus Affect Christmas and Santa This Year?

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of the Costumes for Santa family is embracing the joyous nature of Christmas throughout the year. Christmas is a magical time that lights up the eyes of children and the hearts of adults.

Many of the Santas that we've worked with over the years see Christmas as much more than something than just a holiday that's celebrated throughout December. It's a feeling and an attitude that they embrace everyday of the year. Their beards are real and their physiques full and hearty, as though milk and cookies are enjoyed more than just one night per year. On the frequent occasions that a child whispers to their mom and points at the bearded gentleman in regular clothes, there's a wink and a smile that says, "yep, that's me."

With that being the case, there's been the growing uncertainty of what exactly Christmas will look like this year. It's no secret that there's a pandemic causing very unpleasant issues throughout the world, and especially in the United States. And it seems that as each month passes, it looks like we've still got a long way to go.

So, as much as we try to keep positive at Costumes for Santa, it's something that is on everyone's mind. 

 What will Christmas be like if coronavirus is still not under control?

 Social Distancing and Sitting on Santa's Lap

It's no secret that one of the fondest childhood memories of many children is sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what they want for Christmas. It's as much a part of holiday as being told that a BB gun will shoot your eye out. So how would laying out gift demands work with coronavirus?

One thing is probably certain that sitting on Santa's lap probably won't work with social distancing recommendations. But children could still speak with Santa at a safe distance. There's no reason children and their parents couldn't wait in a responsible line, just like at the grocery, and meet with Santa from six feet away. I know that if the choices are social distance or avoid it completely, kids are going to choose standing a few feet away.

 Will Coronavirus Keep Santa's Out of Malls?

A big question throughout this entire coronavirus pandemic has been the average family's finances. Many jobs are temporarily or permanently gone and there's quite a bit of uncertainty as to what employment will look like after this is all over. There has been wide speculation that the Christmas shopping season may not be as robust as in previous years. So, if there are less people shopping, does that mean there will be less Santas?

If you can say anything about Americans, they are certainly resilient. They will fight through thick and thin to keep some semblance of normalcy, no matter what situation they're currently in. I can certainly remember my own mother being stubborn as a mule about having a perfect Christmas, even if other sacrifices had to be made.

Our country would have to be in seriously dire straits to not have Santa and the Christmas scenes set up at malls and stores this year. Even if children can't sit on his lap, even if Santa has to sit behind a plexiglass like a bank teller, he'll be in his normal spot in the mall this Christmas. There are many things people could overlook, but seeing Santa while shopping isn't one of them.

Will the Pandemic Be Over With by the Holidays?

This is the question that everyone is wondering. So far, our response in the US hasn't been enough to slow the spread. But hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes. Mask requirements on a nationwide level are sure to help the situation. Better social distancing will greatly slow the spread. And lack of group activities are sure to help curb coronavirus across the country

With normal summertime activities cancelled or greatly restricted, people throughout the United States were at a loss. Summer has always been the reward for finishing a long school year and, in some places, a cold winter. Although vacations and sports events may have been cancelled, people still were going to have fun. Parties, full beaches, and other "less restricted" group activities certainly didn't help.

Getting back into some type of routine after the summer months will hopefully give us the push we need to slow down the virus. Kids going back to school, whether in person or via a computer, will certainly leave less time for possibly dangerous activities. Cooler weather will mean less backyard barbecues for parents as well.

I'm confident that as we get back into some sort of rhythm, the number of coronavirus cases will dwindle. We'll learn from our mistakes and do things better. Then hopefully we can return to some sort of normalcy and see Santa ho-ho-hoing by the time it starts really getting cold again.

Final Thoughts 

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been one of the most difficult things many of us will ever experience. Our lives have been completely turned upside in ways that have been hard to understand. There's been no blueprint or timeline for any of this, and positivity has, for many, worn thin.

At times like this, it's important for all of us to remember why we love Christmas, and sharing the warmth of what Santa brings. Christmas is a time when, no matter what's going on in our lives, we become our best selves and share love with family, friends, and most importantly, complete strangers. As representatives of everything that Christmas stands for, I believe that it's up to us to continue to keep that candle lit in the cold windowsill as a beacon of hope to those that are fearful. Christmas will be here, one way or another, and Santa will certainly be a part of it no matter what the circumstances!

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