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Santa Claus Wears A Lot Of Different Hats

​Santa Claus is a man of many talents and many hats! He must keep Santa's workshop running smoothly throughout the entire year. This is very important because every toy made is for someone very special to him. Therefore, he makes sure the toys are created with the utmost quality and care. Keeping on schedule is import for production so that every toy is ready in time for Christmas Eve.

Green Plush Santa Hat
Burgundy Plush Santa Hat

​Our beautiful velvet plush Santa hat has luxurious white long-hair plush band and pom-pom. 

One size fits most.

Available in burgundy, red, white or green velvet.

What Does Santa Claus Do?

​Santa keeps himself extremely busy all throughout the entire year. He makes appearances all over the place. Sometimes, he stops in at a school. Other times, you may see him visiting children in the hospital. You can also find him at the mall. He likes to find out what popular items the boys and girls are looking for this year.

Santa also stays busy tending to the Reindeer. They of course need ample exercise, as well as training the new little ones. He must also feed and water them multiple times a day so they stay strong and healthy.

Santa wears many hats and Mrs. Claus often utilizes Santa's cookie tasting skills when she tries out a new recipe. He must always be accepting of the sweet treats she offers him. 

The elves need someone to look after them as well and Santa Claus does a great job maintaining that role. He keeps them happy, busy, and entertained.

Lastly, Santa keeps his eye on all the little children. He has to make sure everyone is behaving. He keeps his list up to date and occasionally moves one from the nice list over to the naughty list and vice versa. Keeping these types of records consume a lot of Santa's time but he loves it!

Pro Deluxe Santa Hat
Majestic Santa Hat

Majestic Santa Hat is the hat that matches our Majestic Santa Suit. This hat is made larger than most Santa hats so it will fit over a wig. It is a dark red plush fabric.

Pro Deluxe Santa Hat is the hat that matches our Professional Deluxe Santa Suit. This hat is larger than most Santa hats to fit over a wig. The color is a true red.

Santa's Many Hats 

Santa also likes to wear multiple different hats. He changes them to match each suit he chooses to wear each day. Sometimes he makes decisions based on the weather. Other times he goes off of his mood alone. He loves having so many options so he never tires of choices.

If you are looking for a Santa hat for yourself or someone special, then you've come to the right place. Costumes for Santa has an abundance of choices for anyone from the Father who pretends to be Santa or for those that want to complete a costume attire. We also offer well crafted, high quality Santa hats for the professional alike.

Santa Claus Halloween Costume
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