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9 Tips On Dealing With Excessive Heat This Summer By Santa & Mrs. Claus

​Summer is only days away and it has already started to warm up all over the country. So, Santa and Mrs. Claus think it is very important that everyone stay cool while still having fun. Families are planning their vacations, kids want to be outdoors constantly, and let's face it, getting outdoors typically puts most people in a better mood. The heat forecast is looking to be quite brutal this summer so finding ways to deal with it should be at the top of your priority list. Have a summer game plan! Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus are here to help.

1) Sunscreen Often

We know that you've heard it plenty of times in the past. But we really mean it. Wear your sunscreen! There are tons of spray on applications with high SPF counts that make the application process quick and easy. Pick up several cans of sunscreen and keep it handy in every vehicle and yard area. Nobody likes dealing with a sunburn. Spray yourself often and eliminate the agonizing pain that could happen pretty quickly in direct sunlight.

Mrs. Claus has sensitive skin and burns easily. She makes it her job to apply sunscreen anytime she's outdoors. She also keeps Santa and the elves covered too!

2) Stay Hydrated

In extreme heat it can be very easy to become dehydrated. Remember to drink lots of water. Keep several water bottles in your freezer to bring with you when you know you will be outdoors for an extended period of time. The cool water certainly will be welcomed after hours outdoors in the heat.

Santa Claus really enjoys a refreshing coconut water. It's a nice change from bottled water and keeps electrolytes up to ensure a fun filled afternoon!

3) Look For Shade Everywhere You Go

Seek sheltered outdoor areas as often as possible. If you can't find something covered like a gazebo or porch then try for a big shady tree. Areas shaded are significantly cooler than in the direct sunlight. A well situated hammock with a nice book can make for a really nice afternoon.

Mrs. Claus likes to have picnic afternoons with Santa under a big tree at a park with a table. She brings lots of great food, cookies, and plenty of water! She likes to make those days an early lunchtime that way it's not too hot out yet.

4) Go To Waterparks

Waterparks can be a lot of fun! Some are even partially indoors which makes them even better. If you do find that you are at an only outdoor waterpark then try to go for the rides with shorter lines to limit your sun exposure. We love going to Santa Village at Santa's Springs.

Santa loves riding the water slides so much that it's often hard for Mrs. Claus to get him off of them so they can head home.

5) Use Umbrellas

​So, we all know that umbrellas are extremely valuable in the event of a heavy rainstorm. Oftentimes we forget how useful they can be in the direct sunlight. Keep an umbrella in your car and near your front door and try to remember it anytime you will be outdoors for an extended amount of time. An umbrella provides shade on the go so you can still enjoy your summer activities without getting too warm.

Mrs. Claus keeps an umbrella in a backpack and carries it around with her during outdoor outings. In fact, she uses it almost every time. She doesn't want her sensitive skin to burn!

6) Get In The Water!

​Find a water source that you can enjoy throughout the summer heat. A pool is clean, refreshing, and temperature controlled so it's always a good idea. You could float on a river with some friends and combine social time with a fun summer activity. If you're interested in boating then a local lake is another great option. Rent a boat and take an occasional dip in the water to stay cool.

Santa loves relaxing next to a pool or going to the ocean to play in the waves! He's pretty good at boogie boarding but not so great at surfing.

7) Vacation In High Elevation Areas

​If your looking for a vacation destination this summer then we highly suggest looking for areas that are situated at high elevations. Typically the mountainous areas have more tree coverage but most importantly they offer lower daytime temperatures. Plan your next vacation in high elevated area for days full of fun without the excessive heat.

Mrs. Claus enjoys vacations in the mountains. Colorado is usually her go to and her favorite area to enjoy some cooler temperatures while also being able to get outside and have a fun summer vacation without getting too hot.

8) Find Fun Indoors

​There are lots of activities that can be enjoyed indoors. If you are looking to enjoy the summer but can't tolerate the heat outdoors then get creative with some indoor activities. Shopping at an indoor mall is a great way to spend a day. A movie at your favorite indoor theater is always fun too. 

Also, if you have a nearby Topgolf we highly recommend you try it out. It's an open air covered platform building where you can play golf games and a computer tracks your skills. It's a lot of fun with a group of people and perfect for staying out of the sun as an alternative to traditional golfing.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus are big fans of indoor arcade games. Places like Dave & Buster's can take all day to explore and make adults feel like kids again! 

9) Get Outside Early

Last, but not least we recommend getting out as soon as possible! Plan ahead and get outside first thing in the morning. Early mornings are typically cooler plus the sun is usually more tolerable around this time of day. Try walking trails in a heavily tree populated area for the most optimal experience with the heat. The shade is nice plus often times you can spot wildlife running around.

Santa & Mrs. Claus like to take early morning walks. This gives them time outdoors while also maintaining good health. In the event that the sun pops out early, they bring a backpack full of water, ice packs, and a small umbrella! You can never be too prepared in extreme heat.

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