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Tips For Santa This Holiday Season

As each season rolls around, Santa Claus is busy dusting off his boots and airing out his suit. Perhaps, he's caught up scheduling appearances and certain aspects of the "job" can be forgotten. Here's a list of a few tips to remember before starting the busy holiday season this year.

​Be sure to remember that some visits can be long lasting. Bring lots of water and don't forget to drink it! The suits can get warm and that's another great reason to keep yourself plenty hydrated.

​To keep the kids believing in Santa, use your helpers as often as possible. Ask the elves to find out the children's names, teachers, pets, etc. that way you already know something about them before it's time to interact with them.

Children are very inquisitive. They have lots of off the wall questions and it's certainly best to be prepared for anything they throw your way. Oftentimes we have found that kids are smarter than we think!

Child: Santa, we don't have a chimney/fireplace at our home, so how will you get in?

Santa: Pulls out his *magic key* from his pocket and tells them that it has powers to open any door in the world!

The magic key can be something you pick up from a local antique shop or even just an old key that you decorate with paint or glitter to make it seem realistic. Children hate the idea of being left out during Christmas, so they'll feel assured once you show them the special tool to get into each and every home.

Make sure you are ready to list all of the reindeer. Children love to quiz adults, and especially ones that they look up to. There's Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. Be sure not to forget about Rudolph as well as the lyrics to the very well known song about his red nose.

​When you step into the Santa Claus suit, you have some pretty big shoes to fill. For many children you become their hero. You become their real life Santa. You are who they believe in to bring them all their Christmas gifts. So remember these things while in character and in costume. You have a responsibility to keep the magic alive for those who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Most children will still believe in Santa up to about 8-10 years old.

​Playing the role of Santa Claus comes with a lot of responsibility. Children expect you to promise every little thing they ask for. Remember to make NO promises unless you will be the gift provider.

​This may seem silly to say but practice good hygiene while visiting children this year. Keep gum or mints handy to keep your breath fresh after a smoke break, cup of coffee, or an especially strong smelling meal.

​Remember that Santa is a jolly character. Try to keep your mood light, fun, and engaging. Also, try to practice your HO HO HO's before you arrive at your next appearance.

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