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Santa- This Is What We Trained For!

Alright Santas around the world. Now is the time to suit up and get ready for the busiest season of the year. The kids are expecting your lovely jolly character, dressed in your finest suit with your beard longer than they remember from last year. This is what you've been training for. The time is now. Get ready to have some fun!

Are You Ready To Rumble?

Alright, we don't really intend on you fighting anyone, unless of course you are killing someone with kindness. It's just great to be pumped up and ready for the crowds. Santa Claus is certainly on many children's minds this time of year. You are very important to them. After all you do bring all those special gifts. Kids are going to do as they do every year and line up for their chance to tell Santa Claus what they want oh so terribly this year for Christmas.

The line may seem endless and the children will be filled with many many requests. Your days will be long and tiring but of course, this is what we trained for. Children expect you to treat them with the utmost cheer as if you haven't already spoken to several dozen prior to meeting them.

Sometimes You Just Have To Roll With The Punches

This year is certainly going to come with many obstacles, but this is what we have trained for Santas! You can do this. You will still have tons of fun and the parents and children will be so happy to still see you making your appearances. No matter how you are interacting this year, it's time to just roll with the punches.

Maybe you will be visiting kids via Zoom or Skype. Maybe you are taking cheerful phone requests. Or, perhaps you are still visiting with the kids as usual. No matter what, it's time to see how things smooth out. It's time to be adaptable, and accept that things are just a bit different this year.

This of course does not mean that Christmas is cancelled. Parent's are still going to want their children to have a memorable holiday. As adults we know to take precautions but kids just want things to feel normal. With the right attitude, and being able to be flexible, Christmas with Santa can still feel the same as it has every year in the past.

Have Someone In Your Corner

Okay, this is really very important. Representing Santa Claus is a huge commitment, as well as being able to have proper communication with your helpers. Don't try to do all the meet and greets alone. Bring some backup! Have some helpers in your corner helping with the process.

Kids have a lot of fun meeting elves and Mrs. Claus just as much as they enjoy speaking with you. Santa Claus is a huge deal for young children and seeing the helpers makes it all the more real to the little ones. You got this Santa, this is what we trained for!

Throw In The Towel

It may start to seem overwhelming this year with all the precautions in place due to Covid-19 and parents being extra safe. Try not to let this get to you. Don't throw in the towel just yet. The children are still counting on meeting you and believing in the magic of Christmas despite the rough year that we have all had.

So, now we are all pumped up and ready to go walking in a winter wonderland. Let's spiffy up those leather boots, fluff our fur, and tighten our belts on the suits. Christmas is just right around the corner. The children will be so excited to see you. Remember to eat your Wheaties and don't forget to pump up your helpers as well! 

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