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20 Ways To Stay Busy While Social Distancing

1. Cook new recipes from different countries 

Cooking the same recipes over and over can get a bit boring. Try adding a new recipe from another country once a week. Who knows it may become a new popular dish added to your rotation.

2. Organize your closets and junk drawers

You may just luck out and find some items that you assumed were long lost by now. Organizing can clear up much needed space to re-arrange things around the house as well. It's always quite rewarding once the dreaded house project is finished. 

3. Put together a jigsaw puzzle and frame it

Sitting down to put together a jigsaw puzzle is certainly going to fill up some time. Unless of course this is a side hobby of yours already and you are really good at it. Even still, it's a really fun activity to do as adults or with children. Once you've finished putting all the pieces together then frame your hard work! It makes for a great conversation starter once we can all start visiting each other again. 

4. Teach your dog a new trick

Now is a great time to spend some quality time with you dog or other pets you may have. If your dog has picked up a bad barking habit, then use the extra at home time you have to teach it to stop barking. Maybe your pup is a sweet angel with zero bad habits. If this is the case, then teach them an impressive new trick to demonstrate for treats!

5. Start a daily journal

Writing in a journal daily is something a lot of people say they would enjoy doing if only they had the time to do so. Right now is the best time to get in the habit of recording your daily activities, conversations, meals, or other notable items you would like to jot down. Write whatever you please: It's your personal journal after all.

6. Listen to different styles of music to change the mood around your home

It's easy to get into the same routine of listening to all of your favorite songs. Try changing the station to something you wouldn't normally keep on. I find that Spanish music can be a lot of fun and it makes you feel excited to get up and moving. 

There's tons of different varieties out there to choose from. Try a few until you find something new that you enjoy for a while.

*Christmas music will surely put everyone in your home in a jolly mood as well. 

7. Video chat with your friends & family to keep connected

Right now it's really tough not being able to see the people you love the most. Take time to schedule video chats with those you normally catch up with in person. It's not going to feel the same but it's a great way to still virtually see their smiling faces. A quick chat can go a long ways for someone who may being feeling a bit down due to the current restrictions on interacting with one another in person.

8. Read a book

Reading is such a relaxing activity. Often times we get so busy with work, family, errands, and chores that we fail to make time for the things that can bring such happiness. Having all this extra time being stuck at home is a perfect opportunity to open up all those books that have been neglected on your shelves or online folders. The choices are endless so sit back and enjoy reading a nice book.

9. Workout during quarantine

Keeping active is key to staying healthy. It's good for the mind as well as your muscles. Walk around your neighborhood. Bike a trail while avoiding others. Go for a long run to really get a nice workout in. Another great idea is to get some exercise indoors with a yoga or fitness video routine.

10. Learn a new language for free on Duolingo

Many people state that they would really love to speak another language. Perhaps you travel often, when it's safe to do so, and interacting with the locals is a desire of yours. Take the time and efforts to try out speaking another language. I really love using the free app Duolingo. It teaches you languages in a fun way. You can set it to remind you daily to do your lessons as well. I find this feature super helpful that way I stay on track.

11. Create a cookbook with all your favorite recipes

This is a great way to organize your recipes. Take a day to create your own "cookbook" with all of your favorites combined into one book. If you've got some really great dishes then maybe make some extras for those in your family that are always complimenting everything you make. It would make for a terrific birthday gift or just a thinking of you sentiment. 

12. Host a virtual meet-up group

Think of this idea like a happy hour get together. Get your friends or coworkers together for a joined virtual video fun night. You could plan for everyone to have margaritas or coffee together while chatting. Staying connected and keeping up to date with everyone can be a lot of fun in the comfort of your own homes.

13. Build an outdoor fountain or water feature

Building an outdoor water feature will take some skill but there are plenty of online tutorials to help you get through it step-by-step. Once you finish your fountain, you can enjoy the outdoors with a nice book next to it. 

14. Have a personal dance party & send it to friends for a good laugh

Clearly this idea isn't for everyone because some of us tend to be really embarrassed dancing in front of others. If you don't mind putting on a show, then get some exercise while creating some much needed entertainment to those lucky enough to be on your send list.

*Mr. & Mrs. Claus could put on a costume and spread some cheer.

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

15. Get rid of things you don't use or need anymore

Take this extra time to go through things that have been taking up space. Do you have electronics gathering dust? Perhaps you have a closet full of clothes that you no longer wear. An old bicycle taking up valuable garage space? Extra dog food that your pup didn't care for?

List your items for sale or even for free on sites like Craigslist, Facebook or your neighborhood Nextdoor. Usually when I post something for free, I have several people in need ready to come pick it up asap.

16. Try out making new Christmas cookie recipes while playing holiday cheer music

Right now is a terrific time to do a little baking. Usually during the holidays there is so much going on that we don't have the time to try out fun new Christmas cookie recipes. Experiment with a few new recipes to see if they get added to the annual baking in December.

*Dress up in your Mrs. Claus costume to really get in the Christmas mood.

17. Plant a garden or add new plants to an existing one

Spring is the perfect time of year to get outdoors. We've all been distancing ourselves and probably spending way too much time indoors. Take an afternoon to plant a beautiful garden. If you already have one then make sure it flourishes this year. Add a couple extra plants and see how well your green thumb can be.

18. Print off photos and make a fun scrapbook

Nowadays everything is digital, including our beloved photos. Reminisce on past vacations or days spent with loved ones. Go through all your pictures and find the ones you love the most. Many companies offer printing and shipping options. Get lots and lots of photos printed and then take the time to create an awesome scrapbook. It could also be an activity you do with friends or family via video chat!

19. Go camping

Camping doesn't always have to be about being packed into a campground next to many other families. Find ways to get outdoors while keeping your distance. Personally, I find the site Hipcamp to be perfect for small getaways. They have camping on private land, offered by land owners for a fee. It's similar to Airbnb but for the outdoors type people.

If you'd rather stay home but are really missing an adventure, then try backyard camping. Start a campfire, put up your tent, and roast some marshmallows while relaxing outside.

20. Use leftover paint that's been sitting around to start on a new project

Like it or not, we all can hold onto things a bit longer than we probably should. Go through your garage or shed to see if you have any leftover paint sitting around. Use it to touch up on dinged up walls indoors or create a new project. A birdhouse is especially rewarding this time of year!

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