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Santa and Mrs. Claus Costume

Santa and Mrs. Claus Costume

Traditional Mr. and Mrs. Claus Suits

​Santa and Mrs Claus have a big job to do each year. They both show the holiday cheer and bring pure happiness to many children as well. As you can imagine it's a tough role to fill and it's only done by those that truly love it! Taking on this character comes with a lot of responsibility but the rewards will surely be abundant. 

Kids love to meet both at the same time because it helps them make it feel more real. Plus they have an opportunity to share their new toy desires. Most books, movies, fairy-tales, and children in school have the typical mom and dad scenario. Therefore, in children's minds, Santa and Mrs Claus just seems to make sense.

Working together as Santa and the Mrs. can be lots of fun. If you're already married then it shouldn't be too hard to act like you like one another. You'll be able to spend more time together while bringing cheer to all those nearby. 

How to be Mr. & Mrs. Claus 

If you are passionate about the joy of others then you are already on your way to a successful role. As already mentioned, children have certain set expectations when it comes to meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus. They expect Mrs. Claus to be sweet, caring, and motherly. Santa Claus expectations are much higher, after all they do bring the gifts!

Santa Claus is expected to be understanding and a great listener. Be ready for trivia at any given point as well. Children are very curious and want to know all the fun North Pole facts so brush up on your story telling before meeting and interacting with the little ones.

North Pole Facts 

  • Santa & Mrs. Claus live in the North Pole
  • The village in the North Pole is known to be magical
  • Elves live in small cottages that look like candy canes or gingerbread houses
  • Christmas lights are up all year long throughout the streets and homes
  • The North Pole is one of the coldest places on Earth
  • Santa's workshop looks like a big red toy shop where the elves work
  • Santa & Mrs. Claus stay warm in their red suits and a dome around their home

Mrs. Claus Costume

Belle of your Christmas Ball
Regal Red Velvet Mrs. Claus

Costumes for Santa has a variety of Mrs. Claus costumes available to fit any style. If you'd like to portray that you've been baking cookies and looking after the reindeer all day then we have a costume for you. Now if you would rather look as beautiful as the Belle of the ball, then be sure to take a look at our ball gown. You will look elegant and ready to bring all the Christmas cheer.  

Santa Claus Costume 

Majestic Santa Suit
Old Tyme Santa Suit

Santa costume suits also come in a wide variety in order to distinguish each Santa Claus. We have some of the most options all in one place. The children will certainly think that you are the real Santa Claus. 

Our Santa Claus costumes are praised each and every year for their durability, comfort, and looks. Santa's from all around the World are constantly getting compliments when wearing these suits. We take pride in our products and hope that you will find them just as terrific as all the others.

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