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What Does Santa Claus Do During The Summer?

During the summer, Santa Claus takes a much needed break. Summer is the perfect time for Santa to take a vacation. He puts everything aside and enjoys himself to the fullest with lots of fun filled activities as well as plenty of relaxation. Let's take a look at what Santa is up to over the summer.    

Beach Boogie Board
Surfin' Santa Claus

Santa Claus is no stranger to water activities. He loves to go surfing while making sure he keeps up his skills. He's also pretty good at showing off to the children on a boogie board while giving them a couple pointers. Vacations on the beach are certainly one of Santa's favorite summer destinations.

Camping Santa Claus

Summer is the perfect time of year for Santa Claus to explore the outdoors and go camping. In fact, camping is a top favorite activity. Usually he can run into some kids behaving. He takes this time to roast up some marshmallows, go fishing, and read a good book all while being one with nature.

BBQ Shades

​Eating barbecue and having friends and family over to enjoy each other is another way Santa Claus spends his summers. Not only is he giving during the holidays, he is also very big on having people over to enjoy their company. He likes to eat BBQ ribs, brisket, and potato salad. Of course he doesn't forget to have a slice of pie for dessert as well. Mrs. Claus usually keeps an eye on him because he likes to go in for second helpings a little too often.

Hiking With Elves

Hiking with the elves is a regular routine that Santa enjoys doing during the beautiful summer months. Sometimes they practice their vocals and sing Christmas carols together while hiking. Spending time with the elves always brings a smile to Santa's face.

Biking Santa

Santa biking through town, out in the country side, and along trails is something he enjoys during the warm time of year. It's also a really great way to get some exercise and stay healthy. He likes to wave at everyone he passes. Biking can make Santa get pretty warm, but he is sure to bring along plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Amusement Park Fun

Santa enjoys being a thrill-seeker while having fun riding roller coasters around the world. It reminds him of his winters riding along in his sleigh. His reindeer don't typically whirl him upside down though. 

Usually he runs into a lot of children and adults that want to take pictures with him. He finds a spot in the shade and gets to know all the park guests.

Christmas In July

​Christmas in July has been a terrific way to remember to stay in the holiday spirit through-out the entire year. It brings people together for Hallmark movie nights, gift giving, and sales at many retail stores. Santa stays busy during this time making appearances and reminding little ones to stay on their best behaviors during the entire year.  

Gift Wrapping Center
Warehouse Inventory

Santa Claus makes sure that the production of toys and gifts are still running at full speed. He doesn't want to disappoint any children once Christmas rolls around so he makes sure his warehouse is producing highly anticipated gifts.

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