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Santa Claus Theme Parks

Finding fun activities throughout the summer can be tiresome. It can often seem as if you and your family end up doing the same routines. Beach vacation, local swimming pools, cookouts, and camping trips. Well, let's take a look at some great new ideas!

Going to an amusement park can be fun for everyone. Perhaps you're a thrill seeker ready to take on the most exciting and adventurous ride. Maybe you're the designated photographer that genuinely enjoys watching others go on their next delightful experience. Fried foods are also usually a favorite among many people. Some enjoy going to the parks just to have that elephant ear they've been craving.

It makes no difference in why you want to go to a theme park, but more like when you can make the time to go. We'd like to point out some very unique Santa Claus theme parks that just might be worth the vacation time. Surely there will be fun for all if you pick a park that best suites your family or friends.

Location: Cherokee, NC

Opening Day: 06/27/2020

Hours: Daily 10am - 6pm

Santa's Land Fun Park has so much for all to experience. There's not only the fun park but also a terrific zoo. Take advantage of watching baby black bears being fed, meet Santa, and watch a magic show all in one fun afternoon!

Location: Jefferson, NH

Opening Day: 07/01/2020

Hours: Daily 9:30am - 6pm

Staying entertained throughout the day will be a breeze while visiting Santa's Village. Most attractions are playfully named with a Christmas theme. You'll find Elf University, the Christmas Ferris Wheel, and a Ho Ho H2O Water Park. There's plenty to do while finding fun for everyone in the family. 

Location: Santa Claus, IN

Opening Day: 06/17/2020

Hours: Daily 10am - 8pm

Holiday World has a dedicated Christmas area within their park that is tailored towards the little ones in the family. Here you can find Prancer's Merry-Go-Round, Dasher's Seahorses, and plenty of Reindeer Games.

The more daring and slightly taller family members should head over to the Mammoth Water Coaster withing the Spashin' Safari area. Here you can find the World's longest water coaster. Those younger are able to tag along too with an accompanying adult.

Location: Dundee, IL

Opening Day: TBD

Hours: TBD

Santa's Village Azoosment & Water Park is home to over 200 animals, birds, and fish. Santa Springs is located within the water park. Santa enjoys relaxing in the Caribbean themed area with plenty to do while cooling off from the hot summer sun.

Glenn Holland was the founder of the amusement park back in 1955. He grew up during the great depression, lost his parents before he turned 18, and never had a real Christmas as a child. He wanted to give his children what he never had so he went as far as creating a theme park. Visiting this attraction will surely prove his passion to create an experience like non-other for all to enjoy.

Location: Cascade, CO

Opening Day: TBD

Hours: Daily 10am - 5pm

​Check out Santa's House while at the North Pole in Colorado. Once you are there you can visit with Santa Claus, while his helpers take a picture to remember the fond memories. This attraction is always a family favorite!

Christmas music plays throughout the park while visitors enjoy a trip through the village. In the center of Santa's Workshop you can find the North Pole, which is an ice-covered pole that never melts. There's plenty of gift shops and more than 25 rides for the whole family to be entertained by.

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