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How To Celebrate Christmas In July- Santa Approved!

Christmas in July celebrations date back as far as the early 1900s. There are many stories about how it originated, but the most common story is that it originated at a summer camp in North Carolina back in 1935. Apparently, the camp had the idea to celebrate Christmas mid-summer, so they went for it and it was a great success. The idea caught on, and now it's very popular not only in the United States, but in many other countries all around the world.

What is Christmas in July? 

​Christmas in July is anything you want it to be really. It's all about celebrating Christmas in ways that bring happiness to you and your loved ones. There are countless reasons for the celebration. Some celebrate Christmas in July in the comfort of their homes, others go to the beach, host a party, or by taking a vacation. If you love Christmas, then why not find a way to celebrate it more than once a year!

How to Celebrate Christmas in July? 

​Santa Claus highly approves of Christmas in July. Therefore, we've put together some great ways that others have successfully celebrated the mid-summer holiday. Plus, as an added bonus, we've got the approval from Santa Claus on how to celebrate Christmas in July. It's time to get in the holiday spirit, have fun, and enjoy the festivities!

Christmas In July Pool Party

Who doesn't love a great pool party? Throw in some Christmas tunes, baked treats, and fun string lights and you've got yourself a great summer Christmas themed party! Have fun, stay cool, and be sure to bring your cheery attitude.

Play All Your Favorite Christmas Carols

For many people, just the simple sound of their favorite holiday carol puts them in the Christmas spirit. Celebrate Christmas in July by taking a day to listen to all of your favorites. It will surely put you in a jolly mood!

Host A Christmas In July Dinner Party

Bring out all your finest dinnerware, tablecloths, and stemware for a party that is sure to please. Serve a traditional Christmas dinner, including freshly baked sweets. You could even encourage your guests to dress in Christmas themed costumes. Plus, welcoming those that mean the most to us into our homes makes for a great reminder of the Christmas holiday.

Christmas In July Shopping

​Many stores have taken advantage of highlighting Christmas in July. In doing so, they typically host big sales events. Why not take advantage of the discounts? Get an early start to your Christmas shopping, or simply buy something nice for yourself. Either way, with Christmas in mind, you're certainly up for a great time.

Go To A Christmas Themed Amusement Park

​A lot of people are unaware that there are Christmas themed amusement parks. In fact, there are several throughout the United States. They will transform you into a winter wonderland delight. Including, Santa Claus sightings, thrilling rides, an elf university, reindeer games, ho ho h2o water park, and so much more! Find one near you and see for yourself how this is a great way to celebrate Christmas in July.

Christmas in July Gift Giving

​Who says you can only give Christmas gifts during December? Surprise your friends and family members by showing that you care about them with gifts. There's great joy in gift giving and it's a strong reminder of Christmas, especially if you use some of that left over Christmas wrapping paper.

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