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Santa Claus Hobbies

Santa Claus enjoys many hobbies. We've listed just a few of his many favorites. As we all know, Santa Claus is a very busy guy, but somehow he finds time for himself with many great hobbies that certainly keep him entertained. Of course, he does spend most of his time at the North Pole preparing for Christmas. However, exploring his hobbies and spending time with others is still a main priority.

Santa Acts Silly

Santa Claus loves playing around. Goofing around is something that is part of his personality. He really enjoys dancing around to music, putting on silly clothes, cracking jokes, and just generally being playful. While this may not seem like a hobby, it is to Santa. It's just as important as the other hobbies. What Santa truly enjoys is making others smile and by acting silly he can do just that as often as he pleases.

Santa Enjoys Evenings Out With Mrs. Claus

​Evenings spent with Mrs. Claus makes Santa the most delighted out of all his hobbies. Mrs. Claus means the world to Santa and he treats her that way too! That means he loves to spoil her with movies and shows out, dinner at a nice restaurant, walks on the beach, or even a concert now and then. Santa and Mrs. Claus find plenty to do together and they love to be out together showing others how to be in love and keep things exciting after all these years. They really are quite adorable!

Santa Plays The Psaltery 

A relaxing hobby for Santa Claus is playing his psaltery. Captivating audiences for centuries, the psaltery is one of the oldest known instruments. The rich history of the psaltery spans amongst many cultures as well as time periods. Santa has been known to play the psaltery like a professional. His hobby has really paid off and he is exceptionally great at playing the psaltery for a crowd or just for fun.

Santa Goes Shopping

​Believe it or not, Santa's elves do not make everything for Santa Claus. He really enjoys getting out and shopping. Browsing the isles for household needs keeps Santa relaxed and in a happy mood. You can find him wondering around the isles alone, or if he is lucky, accompanied by Mrs. Claus too. 

Usually he is just picking up supplies for the house, however stopping in the toy section is mandatory. He loves to see what the kids are interested in this year and plus he's kind of a big kid too. You might even see him trying out a bike in the store.

Santa Rides Motorcycles

​Santa rides motorcycles! He loves the free air flow just like when he's riding the sleigh on Christmas Eve. The reindeer need breaks after all so Santa takes to the motorcycle for scenic drives in nature. Usually the motorcycle is reserved for alone time but Mrs. Claus likes riding shotgun on occasion too.

Santa Plays With Animals

​Santa Claus loves to find time to spend with animals. He doesn't really care if they are domesticated house pets, or wild free roaming animals. He can make friends with just about anyone or any thing for that matter. The animals love sitting on his lap too just like the little ones.

Santa Spreads Christmas Cheer!

We all know that Santa Claus is a jolly guy. This should come as no surprise that he absolutely loves going out and spreading Christmas cheer with others. Young or old, it doesn't matter. Santa just wants everyone to be happy! Spreading cheer is a very important part of Santa's life. It delights him to make people smile. Santa's goal is to make the world a brighter and more beautiful place for everyone.

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